The project


Ascension is a 30-minute short movie based on a simple idea : to tell a story staging the storm and actors in real conditions, in a contemplative and poetical atmosphere. In other words, we are going to shoot a fiction outdoors, facing authentic storms and real lightnings.

Ascension is meant to be a true cinematic proposition, including actors, dialogues and a meaningful plot. As far as we know, no fiction dealing with the storm has ever been shot in real-life footage. This movie will be a first time in the history of cinema : the storm is the main actor and Marika Boëglin (Tanya) gives him the line.


Tanya, a woman who has been scarred by life and lost all her bearings, leaves her city in order to clear her mind. While skimming the pages of a manuscript, she can hear the thunder rumbling in the distance. For the first time over ages, something seems to be calling for her. She then starts her journey, in quest of answers, heading for the storm…


Today, the ‘Ascension’ project has never been closer to being released. The film’s scenario is being adjusted to get a final version by the beginning of May 2021.

Chasing and shooting storms means working according to the weather and its constraints, then going to the other end of the country, and sometimes it means either coming back with an amazing rush or nothing workable. It also means being ready to leave anytime or accepting to spend several weeks without any unstability indications. Here is the challenge, what makes the shooting unique, exciting, the very essence of the work.

Shooting under outlandish weather conditions necessitates a serious technical crew, motivated and available, reduced to its minimum so that we can optimize the mobility and safety of the film set. We will be ready to work as soon as next summer.

PRÉLUDE has been edited and fully self-produced by a solid team, composed of passionate, professional and inspired people. When he first read the statement of intent, Ludovic Hautevelle, who is the soundtrack composer, and Marika Boëglin, whose occurrence gives PRÉLUDE its meaning, were both captivated. This work was for them like some kind of evidence and this marvellous team has at heart to go much further and to venture into this ascension.