“Prélude is a cinematographic approach to the storm like we had never seen before in France. And beyond the beautiful images, the narration promises a story that is both personal and rich in meaning.”

Christophe Asselin, storm chaser & director of ‘The rendez-vous in tornado alley’ series

“The images are spectacular. The director’s choice to personify a story in the midst of real thunderstorms is a daring gamble. A choice that can only appeal to the viewer’s curiosity.”

Kévin Floury, weather journalist

Contemplative wandering, enigmatic quest guided by lightning : Prélude invites us to cross the threshold of the storm to immerse us into its indescribable chaos.”

Maxime Daviron, storm photographer

“Superb and melancholy parade of chiaroscuro moments for this Prelude to an existential vertigo.”

Alex Hermant, Storm chaser and author of the book ‘Traqueurs d’Orages’ (‘Storm Hunters’)

“Without a doubt, here you are on the level of a singular cinematographic object : a poetic sketch relating to the feelings, sensations and thoughts about the stormy concept.”

Florent Renaut, photographer

An ecstatic stroll among storms leading to sensitivity. When the narrative combines with the sky’s insanities, one cannot but succumb to the charm of this enchanting short movie. It is only an introduction to a bigger project we cannot wait to discover.”

Karine Desbordes, storm photographer

A dreamlike gaze and journey through celestial, cosmic and electric rifts with the big questioning of who we are and where we come from when facing the storm.”

Nicolas Gascard, storm chaser